Our Philosophy

To provide an individual bespoke service to our clients to facilitate the realisation of their financial goals.

At Allen Financial

We pride ourselves on providing our existing and potential clients with a personable and bespoke service that is tailored to their individual needs. Established in 1983, we have over 30 years of experience of providing expert financial advice to people just like you. Our caring and friendly services are greatly valued by our clients, our expertise and commitment to clients forms the basis of a long term relationship. We believe that our clients should receive expert and tailored advice, which is why your personal adviser will be up to date with the appropriate knowledge of all current legislation required to facilitate the realisation of your financial goals.

How can we help you realise your financial goals?

Understand your requirements

The initial meeting allows us to discuss with you your financial goals. It will also allow us to assess your circumstances, attitude to investment risk and financial needs and objectives.

Reviewing your existing plans

Once we have ascertained that we can enhance your financial situation we will review your existing plans and highlight any potential opportunities or areas for improvement.

Applying our expertise

After your review has been completed it will enable us to produce a bespoke financial plan. This plan will be set out as a roadmap as to how we aim to achieve your financial goals. Following our process endeavours to increase the chances of your investment flourishing. After we have implemented your financial plan, our bespoke ongoing services ensure you continue to meet your financial objectives.

Implementing your financial plan

Once we have agreed your financial plan, we will prepare the relevant documentation and assist you with any forms that you may need. We will then deal with the relevant companies to ensure any new applications are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Actively monitoring your investment

Our active management style enables us to ensure your investment choices are reflected within current market trends. This will endeavour to increase the probability of you having the return on investment you are looking for.

Providing a range of ongoing services

After we have implemented your financial plan, to ensure you remain on track to meet your financial goals and objectives, we provide you with a comprehensive range of ongoing services.